Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ignite Boundless Receiving

Ignite Boundless Receiving
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Take a look at why I became a member of ViralPLR...

Take a look at why I became a member of ViralPLR... Check out my other blogs Time For A Coffee Break - http://haveacupwithanginetta.blogspot.com It's Your Time To Shine - http://anewyou2day.blogspot.com Alkaline Recipes Ebook

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without Surgery

Millions of Americans suffer from the pain and disability of carpal tunnel syndrome. Most do not know that conservative measures provide relief in the majority of cases.

Almost all people with the pain, numbness and weakness in the hands and wrists can be helped with manual medicine. The osteopath evaluates the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles first for any abnormality. Next is a structural exam to check for decreased range of motion of the wrist and hand. This is almost always abnormal. By opening up the canal where the median nerve and blood vessel travels, more oxygen can get to the tissue. Stretching the ligament that crosses transversely at the wrist also releases the joint and decreases pain and swelling. This is all part of osteopathic manipulative therapy.

The D.O. may also check lab work for hypothyroidism or autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. If you have a job involving repetitive motion or a large amount of computer work he/she will look at your mechanics and make suggestions. Less stress and better positioning of the wrist increases its strength and flexibility. A nutritional approach has shown 50 mg. of B6 to be effective in some cases. Of course traditional methods of splints, anti-inflammatory medicines, and exercises are also used.

Surgery and further testing of the nerves and muscles may be necessary if you do not improve with conservative measures. Shrinking of the muscles of the thumb or coldness of the tips of the fingers are serious findings.


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Work At Home Scams Thrive on the Internet

The ability to earn a living from home is one that millions of people would enjoy.  No one likes being a slave to a time clock, and no one enjoys working for a difficult boss.  The notion of working from home is appealing to everyone who has ever had an unpleasant job, and thousands of Americans try their hands at it every year with varying degrees of success.

Where there is opportunity for success, there is also opportunity for fraud, and the work at home sector is no exception to that rule.  Offers to work from home are common subjects of spam e-mail, and there are thousands of Websites devoted to lavish descriptions of the riches one can acquire while working from home.  Unfortunately, most of these offers are fraudulent, and the only thing that most people will get out of them is a lighter wallet.  Offers to get rich at home while stuffing envelopes or processing medical claims for physicians earn far more for the people selling them than they do for the victims who buy them.

These are but two of the common work at home scams that can be commonly found in e-mail solicitations or in the classified advertising sections of business-related magazines.  Anyone who is considering investing in a plan to work from home should first consider the following:

You can't get something for nothing.  If a company promises that you can make thousands each week from doing little or no work, you should be suspicious.

Do not respond to solicitations that come via e-mail.  These messages are literally sent out by the millions in hopes that a few people will believe the offer and send money.  Don't do it.

Find out what it is you will do to get paid.  Then do some research on your own.  Is there a market for the work you will be doing?  Look into it.

Research the company involved.  Thanks to the Internet, it's as easy as looking them up in a search engine.  See what others have to say about the company.

Do you have to invest money?  How much?  What do you receive?  Can you get a refund if you change your mind?  Find out.

While there are legitimate opportunities to work from home, most offers to hire people to do so are fraudulent.  By doing a little homework before you invest your money or time, you can avoid being another victim of a work at home scam.

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